65 Business Analysis Techniques…

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Here is a list of 65 business analysis techniques that are useful to know about. Not that you would use every technique on every project (though some of these are definitely my tried-and-true, go-to, techniques), but so you have a toolbox of ideas to refer back to when your business analysis process isn’t flowing like […]


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It’s not ideal when your PC decides to run at a snail’s pace.  Many things could cause your Windows computer to run slowly.  Reverting your computer back to how it ran when you first bought it is the ultimate objective.  We are here to figure out why your PC is running slowly and how to […]


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If you do not have the Internet in your computer, there may be several reasons for this. To determine the exact cause of this malfunction, we need to diagnose your device. Some of the reasons your internet or wifi may not work include: •       Viruses •       Driver Issue •       Bad Wifi/Ethernet card •       Misconfigured Settings